Thursday, June 19, 2014

Somebody Call the Whambulance for Indy Bar Association

The Indianapolis Bar Association has come out and said that criticism of Marion Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber (R), who recently let a convicted rapist get by without serving a single day of his sentence in prison, is completely absurd.

According to The Indianapolis Star

In his statement, Abrams said that some media coverage provided a fair balance between strong criticism and legal constraints created by the legislature. In an interview, he noted such reports by The Star.
But he said in the statement that some commentators' remarks against Eisgruber "can only be characterized as insulting, attacking the integrity of the judge and, in some instances, communicating physical threats."
"We do not believe that any of such conduct is appropriate no matter how strongly one's opinion is of this matter," he said.

I encourage Abrams, the president of the Indianapolis Bar Association, to contact Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the US District Attorney's office for all of the comments he read that were physical threats against Judge Eisgruber. Online threats are still threats and should be dealt with appropriately.

As for the rest, the comments that were "insulting" and "attacking the integrity of the judge", Abrams can go get himself a bottle to suck on.

Judges are public officials. In some cases, such as Judge Eisgruber, they are elected officials. The courts and everything within, including their salaries, come from taxpayers. Therefore, we can treat them and comment on them however we damn well please. If Judge Eisgruber or any other judge can't take the heat, then they are free to find some other form of employment.

Whenever the United States Supreme Court is in session, you can turn on any cable news channel and watch political pundits, some of them law degree holders and some even are practicing lawyers, lambast and rip to shreds the decisions and the votes some Supreme Court justices cast. But the Supremes are big boys and girls. They can handle it.

Maybe Adams should take a cue from them. Suck it up, or find another occupation.

Judge Eisgruber, who is a Republican, is uncontested in his campaign for Marion Superior Court in this fall's election.