Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Indiana: Where Our State Parks Aren't Free And Don't Have Trash Cans

A friend of mine recently moved to Indianapolis and overall has enjoyed her time in the city. But her top gripe is that the closest state park, Fort Harrison State Park, charges admission or requires an annual membership.

We took my dog, Quest, out on a hike through the park today. Along the way we noticed several signs saying dogs must be on a leash at all times and that owners must clean up after their dog. As a good citizen, I did so when my dog made a mess.

As our hike ended and we returned to the parking lot, we looked for a trash can and found none. There are several picnic tables, and even picnic areas presumably meant for large gatherings. But not a single trash can was around. Both restrooms also did not have trash cans.

We did, however, encounter signs saying that group picnics must clean up after themselves.

As we left the park, I kept an eye out for a trash can, any trash can, any where, only to find none.

My friend mentioned that the Department of Natural Resources also runs the nearby Fort Harrison State Park Inn and Golf Resort. She complained that she has to pay admission to the Ft Harrison State Park but it seems unable to provide even basic levels of service in return for membership. She also wonders if her membership fee for the park is subsidizing the Inn and Golf Resort.

I wonder if they have trash cans at the golf resort?