The Indy Student blog Policies

The Indy Student blog is maintained and administered by Matthew Stone. All posts under the handle of "Indy Student" are from him unless otherwise noted.

Comments are allowed to be made using the various options Blogger/Google provides, including anonymous comments. Comments do not need prior approval by a blog administrator.  Verification will be required by typing in a verification code to prevent spam.  This blog reserves the right to deny posting comments, or remove comments after they have been posted, for any or no reason.  If one chooses to post anonymously, your confidentiality will be maintained as  far as the administrator of this blog is concerned.  All users are responsible for their own comments, and their appearance on the Indy Student blog should not be construed as an endorsement. 

This blog uses the site tracking information gathered by Site Meter.  It tracks traffic to this blog, and collects basic information, including IP address, browser, search terms if you got here via search engine, etc...  Only blog administrators and Site Meter staff will be able to view this information.  This blog, since May 2010, also tracks traffic using Blogger as well, and the same policies applying to Site Meter apply to Blogger.

The administrator of this blog maintains a personal Facebook page here.  This page is affiliated as a "group member", "friend", or "fan" of many political campaigns, political offices, government organizations, politicians, pundits, media figures, and so on.  It is in no way an endorsement of any political activity or political event.