Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cops on the Beat II: Media Bias

I believe that one of the inherent problems with how local media is run is the concept of beat reporters. A reporter is assigned to a specific group (police, fire, mayor, etc...) and they attend the press conferences all the time, collect information, and eventually become very chummy with the people they are supposed to be objectively covering.

This right here is a great example of media bias. In this case, the article is completely buying into the police side of the story, hardly gives the other guy any room to tell, and then there's the image.

Contrast the image of the deceased police officer with the truck driver, likely the picture taken while at the police station.

Now, the summary of the story is that the police officer was blaring down the road at well over 100+ miles an hour without his lights or sirens on, crashes into a truck, and dies. Police arrive at the scene, and surprise, the truck driver is kind of dazed and confused. Maybe it's because a car just plowed into his truck at 90+mph? Oh, yeah, he gets arrested and charged with a DUI and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Which brings me to the finale. After someone sees the unflattering photographs, they read "The man accused of killing a Metro police officer..."

He was never charged with anything remotely resembling murder, killing, or anything of the sort. The officer drove into his truck.

Not only is that medi bias, but the truck driver could sue that news agency for defaming him.

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