Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doris Minton-McNeill can't be bothered to do her job

Over at Indiana Barrister, Abdul reported that Minton-McNeill abstained from voting that night. This implies that she was actually there to vote. But she hasn't been at council meetings in a number of weeks, pretty much ever since a run in with a neighbor happened.

But make no mistake, she didn't abstain from voting. She wasn't there. Abdul says in the Comments section that she sent in a note saying she would've abstained from voting if she was there.

Not only could she not be bothered to show up, but if she had, she informed her constituents that she won't take a stand.

Previously in one of her absences, she was reported as receiving treatment of some kind. I fully support anyone who's attempting to get better and have no problem with a public official having a private life. But if that private life intervenes with their job performance, they either need to swiftly deal with the personal issues, or they need to resign. It doesn't matter if they're guilty as sin or innocent as a baby. Public officials should not be skipping their job and (presumably) getting pay checks while dealing with personal issues.

You know, I wouldn't even be that bothered by this if Minton-McNeill has been open about it. But outside of Democrat Party insiders, I doubt anyone knows what's REALLY going on.


  1. Please let us know who told you Ms. McNeill sent a note and was going to obstain. We are so sick and tire of you all messing with this lady who has done nothing but help people and her community. We have never seen an individual potrayed in this manner and for that we feel that this is a personal attack. We have followed you and see that we she has told what was going on, the media made a breaking news case out of it. If she breaks a toe nail, that's breaking news, a young man shot by randon gun fire and the media focused on Minton-McNeill - Why should she tell what going on because just like in your artilce mentioning a note say that she was not going to vote, I know that to be a lie and so does other neighborhood presidents. We now believe her when she says she is being lied on. The reporting following the shooting on her street is the apidemy of not being able to trust any thing you say and that is very sad. If you are going to report, please report the truth and do not muddy a person because you can. This is bad business.

  2. Anon,
    I don't know who "You all" is. I publish my blog, Twitter, etc.. under my real name and make no secret of my identity. I'm not speaking for anyone than myself. Apologists from your side are no better than the Republican apologists hiding behind user names and anonymous posts.

    I suppose you are copy/pasting this across a bunch of blogs and not bothering to read any of them. If you did, you'd know exactly where my information comes from.

    As a former reporter and a journalist, I know that the best rule against libel and slander is the truth. If someone being talked about can say "No, this is wrong. Here are the facts." then they can make a case. Minton-McNeill has been completely silent on the issue. If insiders know about it, good for them. It doesn't help the public. There is no excuse for a public official being MIA for 9 weeks with no ETA on her return.

    Anon, were you at the council meeting? I have no reason to distrust Abdul. Disagree? Sure. But he's honest. You're just refusing to look outside of your partisan view.

  3. I also find it that you say Minton-McNeill is nothing but helpful but can't be bothered to go do her job.


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