Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Class Action Lawsuit against Traffic and Parking Court filed

I am a part of a class action lawsuit, filed by attorney Paul Ogden, against the unconstitutional actions of the Marion County Traffic Court and the soon-to-be opened Parking Court. You can view the filed complaint here. Details will be posted soon, but for now, you can review my story with the Traffic Court in this entry.


  1. I know. This is nuts. I got a ticket earlier this year & was told the same thing. How do I join the class action?

  2. Shawn, I'd encourage you to check out Paul Ogden's blog "Ogden on Politics." There you can find a link to his Blogger profile page that lists his e-mail address.

  3. How do I join this suit. I was a victim of this unethical courtroom and administration.


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