Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fires and frozen fire hydrants: Is there a pattern?

First, we had the fire that destroys a restaurant with THREE frozen fire hydrants. Then late Tuesday night a man died in a fire with at least one frozen fire hydrant nearby, and another burning building containing three businesses couldn't be saved due to a lack of water and multiple frozen fire hydrants.

Anyone else noticing a pattern here? I made this little map on Google Maps. Maybe Mayor Ballard, or whatever intern manages his Twitter account, will take a gander:

View East Side fires with at least one frozen fire hydrant in a larger map


  1. Are you alleging racism or the Mayor hates poor people?

  2. Actually, Abdul, you are the one doing the alleging.

    See, I posted a map to really drive the point home, but I guess I have to spell it out. When something happens three times within a 24 hours period in the same geographic area, it might be a good idea to just go ahead and make sure all the other fire hydrants are good in the area too. Maybe the East Side's regular fire hydrant inspectors should do their annual check up a bit earlier or more frequently.

  3. Ever notice how alll fire departments are primarily white? Ocassional token non-white here or there, but it seems obvious they reserve these soft easy money spots for those who fit their ideal for their "fraternity".
    And the pay/benefit package!!! This is an industry which needs privitization, let alone austerity.
    If not for that family those three men would still be alive.
    How many have to die? If another loses his life will this stop?


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