Saturday, February 12, 2011

Slating Results

Both the County Democrats and County GOP held their slating conventions today for the 2011 municipal elections.

The Dems had two contested races for two slots for their At-Large ticket. John Barth won over Pat Andrews in "Slott B", and LeRoy Robinson won over Annette Johnson in "Slott D".

I'm not surprised in the least at either result. Barth has been running since early 2010 and raised a decent amount of cash. Andrews raised some funds too, but she might've came in a bit late in the game.

Robinson came in late in the race too, but a personal dispute between the Marion County Democrats and Johnson became public when the county Dems sent out this mass mailer to many precinct committeemen.

Johnson has previously told me that she does not plan to run against the slate, though I haven't spoken to her in some time. I'm unaware of what Andrews plans are at this time.

Congratulations to both parties for what appears to be lively events. Now, onto the primary!

Jon Easter weighs in with some stats and his thoughts.

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