Monday, May 7, 2012

Guest Post: Jack Lugar for US House, IN05

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following are a handful of e-mails I got in support of Jack Lugar. Lugar is running in the GOP primary in Congressional District 5. The 5th district extends from the northern parts of Marion County up to the more northern towns of Marion, Anderson, and Kokomo. He is running in a primary with seven other candidates.

After carefully comparing the qualifications of all the candidates running for 5th District Congressman, it is my firm belief that Jack Lugar is the ideal person to fulfill the demands of this position. All candidates appear to have varying levels of abilities, but it is Jack Lugar that has the best and most impressive capabilities to represent us in Washington. He is very low-key and modest in his approach while nevertheless being strong in his convictions and resolve to follow through in whatever is necessary to make the changes to restore our country's economy. His intention to maintain his residence in Indiana while commuting to Washington during Congressional sessions assures that he will maintain close communication with his constituents and best represent our interests on a current basis. While Jack has not had the advantage of widespread television exposure to promote himself as his opponents have, anyone who has read his weekly newsletters or witnessed him in the various candidate forums has no doubt that he is the best candidate running for 5th District Congressman and will be certain to vote for him on May 8. I am proud to endorse him and hope that other voters will follow suit so that we can have the best representation possible come November!

Karen Miller
Fishers, IN.

We have known Jack since birth and lived close to his family. Annually we get the families together for fun on the lake.  He has excelled in whatever he put his mind to do.  He is comfortable speaking and meeting new people.  He is well liked by family and friends.  He has the ability to get to the source of the information that he needs to make a good decesion.  We feel we need more up and coming men in our congress like Jack to make our country strong in every way.  Bill and Carol Reid from Noblesville, Indiana

I firmly believe Jack Lugar is the best candidate for Indiana’s 5th District. He is authentic and innovative; utilizing both conventional and unconventional means to reach out to Hoosiers and displays the boldness needed to represent Hoosiers in Washington. Last July, Jack entered this race and has steadily built up a very strong campaign marching in parades, walking door to door, writing a weekly newsletter, providing strong leadership in building an effective online campaign, and building relationships with Hoosiers through house gatherings and business luncheons.

Jack is a strong leader who will bring transparency and accessibility to Washington. Jack rose to the top of his field in the entertainment industry and then attended law school to prepare himself for service to his country. He is not only a great communicator whose message consistently resonates with Hoosiers, he is a devoted husband and father.

Throughout his campaign, Jack has been talking about raising up new leaders. He has dedicated himself to empowering younger generations to get involved in politics and make their voices heard. His dedication to valuing the individual and giving power to the next generation has deeply resonated. He believes in building up a strong team, training up new leaders, and extending his sphere of influence so that when he comes to the end of his self-imposed 10 year term limit the next generation will be able to carry on the mantle of leadership.

Jack has also been a strong advocate for veterans. Having met with veterans and seeing a need to create jobs, Jack came up with VIP: Veterans Introduction Program. VIP is a program that will help veterans assimilate back into the work force through a one year mentorship that will allow them to gain a skill set and give them a foundation for success.

Jack’s diverse work experience has prepared him to deal with a variety of challenges.  His work as a Realtor has given him a strong knowledge of the housing market and its importance to our economy.  His legal studies and work have offered him a solid understanding of the importance of the Constitution. In addition, he has learned how to skillfully work with opposing views while holding true to his convictions.  Jack will take this knowledge with him to Washington as he works to create jobs, reduce the deficit, promote the development of energy independence, offer workable solutions to health care, and defends our freedom.  

I believe that Jack Lugar is the everyday American Indiana’s 5th district needs as a leader to return our country to prosperity.

Elisabeth Lugar

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