Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why is University of Phoenix recruiting at Ivy Tech?

The words "University of Phoenix" usually aren't followed by anything worthy of praise in the academic world. It might be that their accreditation is in jeopardy, or that their recruiters used strong-arm sales tactics to get students, or that they're closing 115 locations. The state of California has even cut off state-based financial aid to the University of Phoenix, and many other for-profit educational organizations, because of their low graduation rate and high default rates.

So why is Ivy Tech, an institution set up for Hoosiers to get into (or in my case, back into) higher learning, allowing a paper mill like University of Phoenix to set up shop and recruit students on campus? I saw it at the Lawrence campus this morning.

It is not uncommon for any number of trade schools, universities, and even employers to set up booths at any number of colleges or universities, or to attend academic fairs. Especially at a college that has a lot of people that will need to transfer to a university at some point to finish their degree.

But by letting them onto the campus, Ivy Tech is lending some amount of credibility to them. Credibility that they neither have earned or deserve. They exist only to leech off of government loans and grants to give their shareholders a profit.


  1. I could not possibly agree with you more !

    U of P has two goals:

    1) Make it ridiculously easy to get a degree, which in this case means "credentials".

    2) Siphon off GI Bill, employer tuition funding, and anything else they can sop up.

  2. I have been a student with the UOP since Januaray 2008. I graduated with my Associates degree last June and have been unable to use my degree. I was told my tuition would be $10,480 for my associates degree and that I would get enough federal aid to cover my cost and they would take care of everything. I filled out the paper work to received $9,500 in federal aid and $5,400 in pel grant, which was more than enough to cover my entire tuition. Un be told to me, the school filed the paper work several times resulting in over $25,000 in student loans that I am now being held accountable for. I only approved for one disbursement for my Associates degree and one for my Bachelors program when I started try bachelors program last year. I now have over $40,000 of student loan debt and only approved of of less than half of that. No one has considered my associates degree from UOP as a degree and now I'm finding out that Bachelors degree that I'm nearly half way done with, is no more useful than my associates degree. I'm pissed and will be demanding that the school pay off my loans 100%. If I can't use my degree, I'm not paying for it. I'm pissed I've waisted the last 4 years of my life working SO HARD to earn two worthless meaningless degrees.
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