Saturday, November 2, 2013

Today, A Very Special Civil Discourse Now

Civil Discourse Now will be broadcasting live from 11am-1pm today at Rehab Bar and Grill at 5135 S Emerson Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46237.

The show's topic will be focused on breast cancer. Among the guests, of sorts, will be my very own mother and sister. My mother, Nancy Stone, is a breast cancer survivor. While I couldn't get the entire family in for the live show, I did pre-record an interview with them earlier in the week.

It was a very different kind of interview because I don't usually interview people I know on a personal level. Most of the interviews I've conducted are people I know in a professional sense in the world of politics, government, or media. It was a difficult interview for me to do, and I kind of took the night off after I did it, but I felt it went well.

On a related matter, I'll be joining Civil Discourse Now on a more regular basis over the next few months. In addition to being a panelist, I'll be doing pre-recorded segments that will air during the live show.

You can tune into Civil Discourse Now via its own Live365 channel and from Indiana Talks. To tune in via your mobile device, just download the Live365 app from your phone/tablet store and point it to 7bitsofinfo.

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