Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sometimes, We Win

Many of you are involved, at some level or another, in the political process. You probably know that, at times, it can be a really draining occupation, especially when you're working on an issue that you feel strongly about.

I've done a few phone bankings with Freedom Indiana on defeating HJR-3. And without getting too specific, we used a system that would target people in specific Republicans in House districts, call them up, and tell them to contact their legislators to oppose HJR-3. We'd only work on general assembly members who were uncommitted.

One of those was Jerry Torr, a Republican from Noblesville.

I attended one of the phone bankings that targeted Torr's district.

I remember it really well because I felt like I was hitting road blocks the entire time I was calling in his district.

One person responded, after I gave my introduction, "Is this about Obamacare? Because if so, I'm against it".

A few just hung up.

One person quoted the Bible and then hung up.

One guy asked a lot of great questions such as what committee it was assigned to (at the time, it was still HJR-6 and it had no committee assignment) and even though he was on our side, he refused to do the transfer until he did more research.

I don't know if the handful of transfers helped Mr. Torr decide or not. But I'd like to believe it helped in a small way.

That's change. Even if HJR-3 passes, that is how you get people to change. You make phone calls, you talk, you get your voice heard.

It isn't always the sexiest process out there. It doesn't mean everything will be resolved the next day, the next month, or the next election cycle.

But sometimes, those small victories mean a lot. And I'd like to thank  Rep. Torr and his constituents for giving me this small victory.


  1. Good Luck! Always remember to try to hold two thoughts in your head at one time. This way you can understand the opposition thoughts and objectives and realize their are always good reasons for a person views no matter how much it means to you.

    1. I think it's important to point out Freedom Indiana's phone banking, in terms of getting people to call legislature, was not to change hearts and minds of individual people. We were instructed very clearly that if someone is for HJR-6/3/whatever, then we're to say "Thank You" and move on. I'm sure the Freedom Indiana folks have a Plan B if it does get to the ballot, in which case a "change hearts and minds" game might be necessary.

      I've never been someone who wants to bring people to my side. Probably why I'd make a bad political candidate. I'd rather rally supporters and help a movement rather than try to create one.

    2. It takes all kinds of people to lead, run and support a cause. I admire your passion and your beliefs! I am 100 percent on your side, but I try to listen to the other side because I know they hold the same passion for what they believe in their hearts. In the long run your side will win out. But never, never stop fighting for what you believe in!


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