Sunday, July 30, 2017

State of the Blog (blog updates)

I've been debating if I wish to publish a "this blog is dead" post. But with the current antics going on in DC, and with a lot of Hoosier Republican players being a part of the chaos, I don't want to shutter the door just yet. There are a few things I'd like to address:

  • I've re-registered the domain name "". I don't personally like the name "Indy Student" as I haven't been a "student" for quite some time. That said, there are links to this blog on social media and elsewhere that I'd like to keep in tact so the blog URL will stay as "". But unofficially, "" will be what I'll refer to the blog as, at least until I find a better use for my domain name.
  • Man, was I wrong about the POTUS election or what? In my defense, I thought my electoral map was very generous to then-candidate Donald Trump. I think it is worth keeping in mind that Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin's margins for Trump were not resounding victories. Those margins were close. A few shifts in the political landscape could change those. And with states like Arizona only having a 4% margin, other states could shift as well.
  • The full time job generally keeps me away from the blog as I don't just want to be the 50th asshole to express an opinion. But you can still follow me on Twitter or friend/follow me on Facebook
  • Tomorrow, I'll address "President Pence", or as I'll be calling him, "ex-Vice President Pence".


  1. Matt,

    We hope you decide to blog if only occasionally. The death of Gary Welsh has left a gaping hole in the Indiana blogosphere. Your voice is needed now more than ever. Please keep blogging. Do it for Gary Welsh. Don't let the blogosphere go completely dark.


  2. Someone out there must like you Matt:


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