Monday, August 10, 2009

CIB Meeting: just a few quick notes

I attended the CIB meeting at the Convention Center and left a bit over an hour after the meeting started.

Let me just say that, when one attends a meeting where not a single person is elected, where little to no oversight is exerted, it's basically all show.

The budget numbers were the same manipulations we've heard at the CCC and the legislature for months. The CIB used the same vague language implying that the Pacers' $15 million gift wasn't on the table. Which directly contradicts what the IBJ reported and what the CIB said during the Pike township townhall.

The only worthwhile part of it was hearing what people say when they don't think others are listening. But that deserves a full non-blackberry entry

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  1. Matt,

    You're a good kid with potential. Let me buy you lunch sometime and explain how this stuff works. You will get a much better education.


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