Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ballard's Backers Need to Grow A Pair

I've heard about these "negative" ads mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy (D) has been sending via the mail and on television about Mayor Greg Ballard (R). I mean, when most of the local blogosphere is conservative, it's hard to not hear about it.

So I decided to do something and actually look at the direct mail pieces and watch the television ads. The second of two direct mailers can be seen here, though I can't find the first one online. The videos can be seen here.

I obtained both of the direct mailers myself. The first mailer is basically her first campaign commercial, except in written form. It focuses on education, and I don't recall Ballard's name being on it at all. On the second mailer, Ballard's name is on it a total of twice, both within the same bullet point of information. Nothing negative about it.

Kennedy's second television ad talks about the supposed lack of focus on education the Ballard administration has had. While that point is debatable, I don't know if it's negative. It's an issue. Candidates challenging incumbents often compare their views with the incumbent so voters might see a difference.

All I gotta say is if these are "negative" ads, then the Marion County GOP and Ballard's backers need to put on some big boy pants and grow some alligator skin. I typically see "negative" ads as when it's a personal attack on a candidate, like, oh say, this one. Didn't see Ballard's wife or children mentioned in Kennedy's, and nothing is mentioned as a personal insult to Ballard.

And while some Ballard's Backers are crying over the tough, mean negative ads from that monster Melina Kennedy, one GOP ward chairman from Warren Township is spreading rumors about why Kennedy left her previous jobs as deputy mayor under Mayor Bart Peterson and as a lawyer with the law firm Baker & Daniels, suggesting she couldn't "handle" the pressure of the city job and that she was caught in ethical troubles at B&D. If this local politico bothered to check his history, Kennedy left the Peterson administration to run for Marion County Prosecutor in 2006, and left B&D in 2011 to commit to running for Mayor full time. He's also slammed her for working as a waitress while growing up. Man, politicians trying to relate to common people by showing they've worked the same dead end jobs others have. What is up with that, right?

If you ask me, this representative of the county GOP is going much more personal than the Kennedy campaign. Ballard's backers need to grow some thicker skin.


  1. Matt you are wrong. I won't post what I know but, the next time I see you I will tell you what I know. One thing is for sure, Melina didn't leave the DM job to run for office. Don't drink that soda pop.

  2. Anon, Sorry to bust your insider bubble,but Matt is right on target.

  3. Earnie Shearer. A typical partisan hack who demonizes the opposition for various activities yet condones the same behavior when it comes from his own party. He is not unusual in that most party hardliners, in his case GOP act that way, but such hypocritical acts turn off voters for that brand...and since the GOP is currently in charge of the Mayors office and CCC, he'd do well to muzzzle himself and not hurt those incumbents.

  4. Actually it's Ernie who is drinking the Kool-Aid.

    Let's say the situation were reversed and Peterson would have done all the tax/fee increases and sweetheart deals that Ballard has done, do you think Ernie would be okay with them? Of course not. He'd be screaming at the top of his lungs about Peterson being a liberal who doesn't care about taxpayer money.

    But because it's Ballard doing it, Ernie thinks it's great.

    Ernie only cares what party uniform you're wearing, not what you stand for.

    As far as having secret dirt on Melina Kennedy, I think we need to be above such nonsense.


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