Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goldsmith's Domestic Violence Arrest Led to NYC Resignation

I just received a news alert from 93.1 WIBC-FM on my phone with a plain text statement saying that former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith has been arrested in Washington D.C. The arrest was due to alleged domestic violence.

The New York Post has the exclusive story.

Goldsmith is also a former New York City deputy mayor who recently was resigned/forced out by Mayor Michael Bloomberg due to Goldsmith's disastrous two year tenure, especially when it came to snow removal this past winter.

UPDATE: After reviewing the Post's story, this is not a recent arrest. It happened in early August at Goldsmith's DC residence. A police report was filed and Goldsmith did spend time in jail, but his wife is saying she never wanted him arrested, no physical altercation occurred, and she declined to press charges. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg found out about the arrest and Goldsmith offered his resignation.


  1. Thanks for the Post link. It serves as a reminder that domestic violence is a curse that runs through all walks of life. Ms. Goldsmith's later reversal of what is in the police report will not serve her well.

  2. I see it similar to a recent comic book storyline in Daredevil. In it, Daredevil is unmasked and his secret identity is revealed in a very public way. But when the feds try to proseucte in criminal court to prove he's Daredevil, the case is bungled and thrown out. Now, even though "officially" he isn't Daredevil, everyone KNOWS.

    Now that this report is out, everyone will know.

    A couple people on Facebook are saying similar rumors exist during his marriage with his first wife.

  3. Finally ,after years of being treated with kid gloves, the darlings of indianapolis , got treated as every man.Karma is a bitch .

  4. Goldsmith got exactly what he deserved. he's always been a bully. I'll bet this is not the first time he abused his wife. Since she dropped the charges, he can now beat her every Friday night like all the other wife beaters!

  5. None of you know what you are talking about. Unless you where there or know with 100% certainity the media's "facts" are true, you shouldnt speculate. Goldsmith is a good man with good values. Anyone who actually knows him, would know that. Goldsmith has never been abusive, with his current or previous wife. All of you who are making accusations, along with the media/reporters who are twisting the story & making outlandish claims(while stalking his family), should be ashamed of yourselves & get a life. Have some tact & show compassion to those who this affect the most, like his family but especially his children.

    1. I know for a fact Stephen Goldsmith, is a criminal and should be in prisonm for using
      forged documents to send me to prison.Me
      Norman Flick (317) 418-7009, 1244 N. Illinois
      St., Indianapolis, IN. 46202

  6. The above commenter might be the last Goldsmith defender. I know several REPUBLICANS who detest him. One Republican even told me tonight "Steve Goldsmith raped Pike Township" in reference to the Goldsmith administration horrible handling of zoning.

    Last I checked, Goldsmith's children are fully grown. They can take care of themselves. You're the first to bring his children into this.

    As for the "facts", we've got a police report. If you want to accuse the police of falsifying a report, let's see your evidence.

    Also, police reports are generally public record.


    Former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith has been cleared of any legal wrongs stemming from a July 30 domestic incident between him and his wife, Margaret Goldsmith.

    The Goldsmiths' attorney, Allen Dale, confirmed today that a Washington, D.C., Superior Court judge handed down a ruling of "actual innocence" in the case. Beyond that confirmation, neither Dale nor the Goldsmiths have offered further comment because the judge sealed the court document.

    "On Jan. 4, 2012, a Superior Court judge issued an order sealing the arrest of Stephen Goldsmith," Dale said, "making a finding that Mr. Goldsmith was, as a matter of law, innocent, and that there was no assault during the argument between him and his wife."

    A ruling of “actual innocence” is a more complete exoneration than a finding of “not guilty.” It requires the defendant to appear before a judge and demonstrate proof that he or she committed no crime — a higher standard than showing there is a lack of evidence of any crime. Indiana courts do not have such rulings.


  8. Anyone knows Stephen Goldsmith, should be n prison for his criminal acts, for proof see public records to back
    up my facts. Norman Flick (317) 418-7009; 1244 North
    Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN. 46202


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