Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Ongoing LiTEBOX Drama

And before anyone says, yes, LiTEBOX is the way all the company's officials have been using it.

LiTEBOX's Twitter account is really quite bizarre. I mean, at first, it just looks like it posts whatever their Facebook page posts. But sometimes they get into Twitter debates and stuff like this slips out.

Apparently, someone from LiTEBOX thought that there'd be some great, awesome puff piece in the Saturday edition of the Indianapolis Star.

Then when, surprise, nothing appeared in the Star about LiTEBOX the Saturday before the election, this bizarre tweet was posted along with a link to a (now deleted) Facebook post.

Then the much talked about job application was posted with these great, awesome, easy-to-follow instructions. Kind of odd that this job application is one page long, asks for a Social Security number, doesn't ask for work history, personal or professional references, or really ask for much. Also, it's hosted at "freepdfhosting.com" because I guess LiTEBOX's website couldn't handle the awesomeness of a job application!

Oh, also, you aren't actually applying for a job at LiTEBOX but you're applying for a job through CFA Staffing, which is a company that seems to largely handle temporary work.

Oh, also, remember those detailed, easy-to-follow instructions that LiTEBOX typed out, such as "fill out this form" and "click the submit button." They follow it up with this Facebook post that essentially says "Don't do any of the stuff we previously said and, in fact, do the opposite". Then they talk about a SEVENTEEN PAGE JOB APPLICATION that will be posted at some point, which I think kind of screws over the people who've already applied, but I digress.

And this is the business that our man Mitch described as "visionary"? If he's head over heals in love with this, then I've got a bridge he might be interested in.

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