Monday, November 28, 2011

Susie Day and Mike Speedy Think Lincoln Plowman Should Serve Sentence at Home

State Representative Mike Speedy (R) and outgoing councilor Susie Day (R) recently wrote letters to Judge Larry McKinney. The subject matter: Pleading their case so that convicted felon Lincoln Plowman could serve his sentence outside of prison. Plowman, a former Republican councilor and high ranking IMPD officer, was recently convicted on federal charges of bribery and attempted extortion.

I think it's absolutely disgusting that Day and Speedy wrote these letters just so their friend won't have to go to jail. I think it's sickening that people like Day and Speedy see nothing wrong with Plowman using his power and influence within his government jobs to enrich himself and his "clients".

I think it says a lot about our elected officials' moral compass that someone can betray the public trust, use government resources for their own personal benefit, and cost taxpayers thousands of dollars, and they think it's appropriate for that corrupt person to sit at home as punishment. I can't help but wonder if they'd give the same type of leniency to someone who steals $100 from a gas station. That's far less money than what Plowman stole.

If you were on Facebook at the time Plowman was convicted, you'd see members of the City-County Council talking about what a great, moral, awesome, kind, compassionate, amazing person Lincoln Plowman is. That this isn't the Plowman they know. That they can't believe he did this. That he's just a swell guy.

I've got news for those councilors: Your friend was convicted in a federal court of abusing the public's trust. It took a jury of his peers only a few hours to convict him. And I think it says a lot about you, personally, that you guys continue to defend this man.

If you feel like contacting Mike Speedy and Susie Day to tell them how you feel about this issue, here's how to reach them:

Mike Speedy:

Susie Day:


  1. I am not 20-something but I am proud that you have a moral compass. The criminal justice system in Marion County can be harsh at times and maybe too soft at other times. No system is perfect. Plowman did the crime and what found guilty now there are consequences for his actions. The Judge will decide within the scope of the written Law. If I was the Judge knowing what I know; Plowman would serve some time in prison.

  2. Im surprised, I always thought of Speedy as a law and order kind of guy.I guess he is different for his political cronies.

    Plowman ran that side of town for a long time, IM betting that Speedy owe Plowman some favors

  3. Plowman has been a criminal for years. He just got caught recently. I certainly will look at those who "support" him with a jaundiced eye. Are they crooks too? Well I hope they are caught and sent to prison. Maybe Plowman will inform on them.

    This man has hurt many. He personally hurt me with his corrupt actions and my life has been horribly damaged. I lost my family, my job, my health, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have suffered for years and will probably suffer for the rest of my life because of this evil man.

    It is some relief to hear that he now has to "pick weeds for spare change." Now if the feds could only get the rest of the Marion County crooks rounded up and convicted. Maybe Speedy and Day.

  4. Write the prosecutor at the following addresses to recommend that Lincoln Plowman get the maximum sentence possible.

    Contact Us


    Main Office
    United States Attorney's Office
    10 W Market St, Suite 2100
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Voice: (317) 226-6333
    Toll-Free: (888) 368-5067
    TTY: (317) 226-5438
    Fax: (317) 226-6125

    Branch Office
    United States Attorney's Office
    101 NW MLK Blvd, Suite 250
    Evansville, IN 47708

    Voice: (812) 465-6475
    TTY: (812) 465-6441
    Fax: (812) 465-6444

  5. The judge will be deciding the sentencing. The US Attorney's office is pushing for the maximum sentence.

  6. What Speedy has done is beyond understanding. He is supposed to be a guy who cares about his community.

    How does backing a felon who used this position to screw people a good guy.The man deserves time in jail.

    Speedy thinks that if you get caught with a joint that you need to spend time win jail.But its ok if you are an elected official its OK to break the law.

    Bad move Mike, your true colors are now showing. Now we know what you are really all about. You lost me on this one lost a lot of supporters on this one.


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