Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Governor Pence Throws Gaming Commission Under Bus

The Indiana Gaming Commission has gotten into some hot water for sending out a letter to a Muncie-based assisted living home concerning a Euchre game that has a small betting pool and modest prizes. The commission's letter said it would require a charity gaming license to continue hosting this Euchre game.

In later reports, Governor Mike Pence (R) has ordered the agency to use "common sense" and specifically to leave the Muncie-based assisting living home alone. The WIBC report also says the gaming commission used a form letter, probably something they've sent out dozens, if not hundreds, of times. It is probably something they are fairly certain they can legally do.

I don't want to end up defending the Indiana Gaming Commission. I am no fan of legalized gambling, and really am disheartened that gambling seems to be seeping into our culture more and more. I don't think it adds any societal value. And in practice, gambling (Both casinos and the like as well as lotteries) disproportionately target poor and minority communities and little to no revenue from the taxes collected on gambling end up helping the populations it prays on.

But to me, it seemed like the Indiana Gaming Commission was just doing its job. Governor Pence has a law degree and probably has a few juris doctorate holders in his administration, and a few lawyers on speed dial. If the problem is the law, Governor Pence could've attempted to address it during the legislative session earlier this year.

But that wasn't important to Governor Pence then, and he shouldn't get to ignore the law now just because it isn't politically convenient.

For an opposing view, see Ogden On Politics.

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