Friday, July 2, 2010

Shocking Poll Results on Americans' Knowledge of History

Ok, it probably isn't THAT shocking. But I found this at Alan Colmes' blog and thought I'd re-post it here.

A Marist Poll study shows that only 74% of Americans know what we're celebrating this coming July 4th. When asked what country we declared independence from, 26% chose "other." Included in that other were countries such as Mexico (not a country at the time), China, Japan, and France (one of our allies during the Revolutionary War). And a few of those 26% thought we just split from another nation without any real conflict.

The poll can be found here. Included in that is the poll's methodology as well as a handy table breaking down the results based on various demographics.


  1. Very, very shocking, as well as very disheartening, what with the mighty globalist foes to our liberty we still have to face, as much now, if not more, than we did in the 1770's.

  2. But thank goodness there are others, like you, IS, with the smarts and determination to keep us free. Posted today at, is Alex Jones and Aaron Dykes, "Emergency S.O.S.: America Falling to Foreign Bank Takeover-- Fourth of July", and they are both still in their 30's.

    Happy Fourth of July!!

  3. Alex Jones sure is fun to listen to, and sometimes makes a decent point. But the rumor around Texas is that Jones is just living off a big pile of money his father made, and that allows him to keep his radio show and several web sites alive even if they don't turn a profit. All too often, he'll find a little sentence in a piece of legislation or a speech and completely distort it.

    My most recent memory of it was during the health care debate, where the bill wanted a nation wide registration database of all electronic implanted devices or devices that send radio signals. Jones took it as saying "WELL THEY'RE GONNA MICROCHIP THE ENTIRE POPULATION" but the language is intentionally vague because listing every single kind of pacemaker and other medical equipment that sends off radio signals would make the bill even longer. And registration is useful in the case a mass recall would ever need to be done, God forbid.

    On another note, Marycatherine, I was reading an old post of Gary Welsh's and I saw a comment from you saying that you don't like blogging much due to the anonymity some people hide behind. Now, a few years later, and you're an active commenter on many blogs. I'm glad you had a change of heart.

  4. I hope that you continue to listen to Alex Jones, who is lucky to have a father who is active in the liberty movement, and, of course, to Ron Paul. And yes, there is a provision allowing the requirement of microchipping to get health care, found in the over 2,000 pages of the so-called Health Care Bill. Feel free to email Alex, if you think he should be corrected, or call his showk, He puts those who object, at the head of the line.

    Anonymous cyberbullies and trolls on line are very obnoxious, and I love the way that you, IS, addressed one that went after you and me at IPSE.


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