Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where I'll Be: Upcoming on IndyStudent!

I'm going to try to cover the two protests that are happening within the next several days. At 4pm on July 22 (Thursday), a number of Hyatt Hotel employees will be marching from the State House to the Hyatt Hotel. They want to form a union, but they claim their voices have fallen on deaf ears.

Ed Wench of WIBC interviewed two of the leaders of the protest earlier today. The two employees used the terms "civil disobedience" and said that there's a "good chance" a number of the protesters will be arrested. My understanding of "civil disobedience" is you are breaking the law in, but in a peaceful way. The employees/protest organizers did not exactly say what law they might be breaking tomorrow.

The National Organization for Marriage is bringing their bus tour to Indianapolis. You can find details of that here. At least two counter-protests have formed on Facebook here and here. I'll stop by and see what it's all about. It'll be interesting if the main protest will be focusing on the Federal Marriage Amendment or the state constitutional amendment that has died in the state House of Representatives the past few years.

Finally, Public Safety Director Frank Straub's comments about a "safety zone" have, frankly, pissed me off. I'll be penning an open letter to Frank Straub and the "task force" that was recently announced. I plan on both e-mailing it and hand delivering the letter, as well as posting it here.

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