Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Talking Points on the Water Utility Sale: Fox 59 Faceoff!

I wanted to give Ryan Vaughn a chance as President of the City-County Council, but he has failed in every single aspect. He has voted for several tax increases in his short tenure, including the water utility sale. He continues to not only vote, but to actively push this through the council, despite the clear conflict of interest he has. Ryan Vaughn is an Associate with Barnes and Thornburg, one of the most connected law firms in town. One of Barnes and Thornburg's clients is Veolia Water, which currently manages the city's utility. And in a twist, Veolia gets to keep it's one-sided contract when the utility transfers from the city of Indianapolis to Citizens Energy Group.

As I've said before, I remain unconvinced that Citizens Energy Group can create a high level of efficiency with these one-sided contracts being hauled along.

Here is the Fox 59 Face Off video. Hat tip to Bart Lies!, where I first saw it:


  1. The guy behind Bart Lies is brilliant. He was in his glory back in the summer of 2007 when the political activists came together in that magic time to overthrow the incumbent mayor and turn over a lot of the city council.

    They'd be wise to remember we can do it again, when the time comes.

    They are OUR public SERVANTS. They are to carry our water, not B&T's.

    We simply cannot put our citizens in the trick bag of their VITAL utilities of heat and water held hostage to this convoluted bond deal.

    Our citizens survival is far more dependent on heat and water than it is a new sidewalk that will last 10 years or so.

  2. Your sparse opening sentence about Ryan Vaughn, IS, tells how profoundly disappointed, and probably angry, you must be regarding his behavior during the short time he has led the Council. I so agree with this report, and HFFT's comment above.


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