Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GOP Chairman Election Thoughts

As I type this, precinct committee reps of the Marion County Republican Party are meeting to elect their newest chairman. The choice is between Kyle Walker and Gary Conner. Conner is a sitting City-County Council member in the town of Lawrence. Walker is a former Executive Director and worked on the Mark Massa for Prosecutor campaign earlier in the year.

As I'm short on time juggling two jobs and social and family obligations during the holiday season, I'm going to be lazy and link to what I think is a unique take on what the next GOP chairman needs to bring to the table.

Derek Trovilion hosts his blog over at Hoosier Access. I met him during the GOP primary for Senate earlier in the year when he was working for Marlin Stutzman. He is focusing now on municipal elections, and he lays out a good direction for the GOP in this excellent post.

His points can be boiled down to this: A political party's inner organization should be representative of what kind of government they would run should they be the ones who are voted into power.

Take the time to read his post. It's well worth thinking about, and some could even apply to the county Dems as well.

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  1. Thank you for the consideration, Matt. The system will likely never be perfect, but we have to adjust the party's processes and standards so it does a better job of including new people, representing the community (every precinct we can), and rewarding involvement.

    When we do this, we will reverse the current trend of receding numbers and grow.


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