Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mitch Daniels to Speak at CPAC? Will His Truce Still Stand?

The state GOP community in the Twitterverse has been atwitter lately because the rumors are that Governor Mitch Daniels will be speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (source). CPAC is held by the American Conservative Union and is billed as the largest gathering of conservatives and conservative activists held annually.

Governor Daniels was quoted in The Weekly Standard that the next President would have to call a "truce" on social issues. This set off some on the far-right into a frenzy, and Daniels might've done a little back-pedalling as well, but generally stayed by his comments. Link

How does Daniels' "truce" relate to CPAC?

In 2010, one of the groups in attendance at CPAC was GOProud. GOProud is a group for LGBT Republicans that is largely seen as a poor man's Log Cabin Republicans, focusing mainly on economical issues and other issues of general interest rather than specific LGBT legislation.

And even though GOProud promises not to push too hard on social issues, their presence at CPAC has caused an outrage among social conservatives. A speaker at CPAC 2010 was booed off stage when he condemned CPAC for allowing GOProud to attend. And due to GOProud being listed as a co-sponsor of the event, several organizations have said they will no longer be attending CPAC.

Among those organizations are the Family Research Council, the National Organization for Marriage, and the Concerned Women for America have all announced their intentions not to attend CPAC 2011. Coincidentally, all three of these organizations were named as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

So will our man Mitch keep to his word on his truce? Will the non-attendance of these organizations make CPAC seem lacking? Or will people just barely notice and move on?

UPDATE: Alex Blaze of The Bilerico Project weighs in as well. Blaze says Liberty University, the university founded by Jerry Falwell, won't be attending CPAC either. He also lists a few other orgs that have chosen not to attend.

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