Monday, June 27, 2011

Hoosier Access Takes Down Post Calling for Charlie White to Resign

Conservative blog Hoosier Access recently had a piece by pundit Jacob Perry titled "Sorry Charlie, It's Time to Go". Perry lays out an argument which leads him to believe that Secretary of State Charlie White should resign, saying that "Indiana deserves better than to be served by someone who so utterly disrespects her."

White's go-to defender on the blogs and interwebs, fellow blogger Paul Ogden, posted several responses, all of which were dismissed by Perry.

But the more interesting comment was posted by someone claiming to be Charlie White, in which he lays out the Secretary of State's duties and, multiple times, offers to meet or talk with Perry about exactly what his office does and to clear up what White sees as misconceptions about the alleged voter fraud charges and the duties of the Secretary of State. White heavily emphasizes that the office of the Secretary of State has very little to do with elections.

The post, after being up for a few days (and being posted via Hoosier Access' Facebook page and Twitter feed).

Taking down a blog post is something many bloggers do, but it's rare for a post to linger for several days and then get taken down.

Not making any accusations or anything, just found it interesting.

The full post, including White's comment on the post, can be found via Google Cache.


  1. It's interesting to me that as an aspiring journalist, you never bothered to contact me to get my reasoning for taking it down, which is something I've only ever done once before.

    I'm not saying I would've told you, but you never even bothered to ask.

  2. It's also important to note that Mr. Ogden, Mr. White's most vociferous defender, has interviewed to be White's new Chief of Staff. You may make of that what you will.

  3. I was going to actually write about the post before it was taken down and was in the process of doing so when I went back to check on it, and it was gone.

    As I said, I just found it interesting that Charlie White (or someone claiming to be as such, it's one hell of a scam to type up that lengthy response and not be White) responded. The post being deleted is really secondary to White's lengthy response. I do admit the title of the post is to catch some eyes, but the bulk of the post discusses White's response. The deletion of the article and any reason it was done is largely trivial, and not something I'd waste time on.

    In the olden days of this blog, I'd often contact other bloggers, journalists, and elected officials and candidates and wait and delay blog postings waiting for responses, quote clarifications, or guest postings that never came. So unless it was something particularly heinous, I generally don't contact subjects of posts but they're free to comment or contact me, and I'll gladly publish their thoughts if they'd like me to.

    And yes, I'm aware Ogden applied. His voracious defense of White, though, started before the application. While I roll my eyes at most of it (or glaze over, it's a lot of mumbo jumbo legalzes to me), he's made a good enough case to at least have me doubt that White is guilty of intentional voter fraud.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Comment removed. I'm not sure if Anon 10:08AM's allegations against White are true. If you can link and prove it's public record, then feel free to re-post your comments. Otherwise, I'd prefer my blog not be used to spread rumors.


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