Friday, June 10, 2011

More on Bike Lanes

Hat tip to Zach Adamson for posting this on Facebook.

Apparently, this isn't an isolated incident. The YouTube user txup has posted several videos from a 2010 Critical Mass ride where some cyclists hold up a ticket saying it's for not riding in the bike lane. Several videos portray New York City police following the cyclists for extensive periods of time.


  1. Ok, so we're supposed to be impressed by a douchebag who purposely wrecks his bike? What point is he making..that when he comes across an obstruction to purposely hit it to show the hazards of a bike lane?

    Seriously. And if he hit MY car on purpose because it was in the bike lane, he'd better pray that the cop he tried to mock for doing his job was close by.

  2. Anon, so the cop was "doing his job" by writing a ticket for something (not riding in a bike lane) that's not illegal? I'm pretty sure that's the definition of not doing your job. The police officer deserved to be mocked for not knowing the law.

  3. He needs to get one of those guys who can ride their bikes up and over most obstacles.

    Somebody like Danny McAskill

  4. You ARE a lawyer, are you not, Paul Ogden?
    Bicyclists are subject to the same laws as motored vehicles, and when driven/ridden improperly or in the wrong lane, then they are subject to a ticket along with their motored brethren. Maybe NYC's ordinances are strict in that matter.

    Maybe Zach Adamson and you think that ordinance infractions and criminal mischief/vandalism are acts that dont deserve punishment or can be condoned in some snarky fashion. If so, then that calls into question Adamson's suitability as a potential councilman, and you as a choice for legal representation and your potential as a politician.

  5. Anon 4:21, nice Internet Tough Guy act. I recommend therapy.

    Anon 7:40, watch the video. It states that there is no such law that requires cyclists to always be in the bike lane. In fact, my research has shown there's a specific law in NYC that addresses it, saying that if a cyclist feels that the bike lane is not safe, they are free to ride in the street. As you yourself state, cyclists are subject to the same laws as other users of the road. What you fail to understand is that the cyclist in the video broke no such law.

    Also, honest to God, some of you need to take a chill pill. This guy got a $50 citation and it seems like he took it in stride. He made a pretty funny video out of it and spread awareness to his fellow cyclists. Some of you all could learn from that.


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