Sunday, August 21, 2011

Libertarian National Party Donates $50,000 to Ed Coleman's Campaign

The Libertarian National Committee recently announced that they'll be donating $50,000 to Edward Coleman's re-election campaign for the Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council. Coleman was originally elected to the council in 2007 as a Republican, but bolted and became a Libertarian after a series of disagreements concerning the Capital Improvement Board, among other issues. Coleman was originally and is currently serving as an At-Large councilor, but is running in his south-side district for re-election.

Most major party candidates for council only have a few thousand dollars in their campaign coffers (you can see financial statements with the county clerk's office here). Only a handful have more than $10,000, and most will be heavily relying on either the county and state party to support them, and/or their mayoral candidates. As of April, 2011, Jack Sandlin (Coleman's Republican opponent) only had a bit over $4k with over $1k in debt. Sandlin was appointed to the council recently after a vacancy opened up in that district.

No one is saying it won't be an uphill battle for any Libertarian candidate in any campaign, but this certainly puts District 24 in play.

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