Friday, August 12, 2011

Sinking Ship Back To Liquor Licensing Board

I've obtained a press release from the Englehart Group, a local consulting firm. It gives details on when the Sinking Ship's hearing will be held.

If you haven't taken the time to voice your support for The Sinking Ship, please consider e-mailing one of the owners at If you can't make the hearing, these letters of support will be shown to the Marion County Alcohol Licensing Board. Even though this is a fringe group of a handful of "neighbors" (most live several miles away), they can still do harm. It's no secret that if a bar loses it's liquor license, it'll go out of business.


For Immediate Release

August 12, 2011

Contact: Ray Volpe, 317-602-3620,


The Sinking Ship, a bar and restaurant in a revitalized neighborhood south of Broad Ripple in Indianapolis, has acquired the professional public relations counseling services of The Englehart Group to address the concerns of a small group of area neighbors.

“A few members of the Meridian-Kessler Neighbor Helping Neighbor Association have objected to The Sinking Ship receiving a renewal on their liquor license,” says Blair Englehart, President of The Englehart Group. “Their objections, as we understand them, primarily concern the clientele of the establishment – a concern which is completely baseless and unfounded and, quite frankly, seems to border on discrimination and harassment.

“The Sinking Ship is an outstanding corporate citizen that contributes significantly to the community,” Englehart adds. “They have invested approximately $750,000 in renovating the old Steck Plumbing Building, which had been abandoned. They employ 25 people and provide them with a substantial benefits package. And they maintain a peaceful premises, with appropriate rules, regulations and security.”

The Sinking Ship will next appear before the licensing board on Monday, August 15, at 9:00 a.m. to discuss their liquor license renewal. The public is encouraged to attend the session at the City-County to support the restaurant. Please join The Sinking Ship’s Facebook page for updates.

The Englehart Group is a Strategic Marketing Communications firm located in the historic Mass Avenue Arts District in downtown Indianapolis. The agency provides experienced, expert consultation, development and implementation in the areas of advertising, public relations and marketing. The Englehart Group is a division of Next Wave Systems, LLC, an engineering and technology company that specializes in alternative energy products and integrated defense and security systems based in Pekin, Indiana, with offices in Bloomington, Indiana; Merrillville, Indiana; Huntsville, Alabama; and Washington, DC.


  1. I am going to be really angry if this impacts me being able to see Doug Stanhope there in October!!

  2. The Sinking Ship matter was heard before the MCABB today. No one from Meridian Kessler Nutcases Hindering Neighbors bothered to appear. Mr. Cortellini did appear, and after forcing around a hundred supporters of the "Ship" to sit through a three hour meeting, again informed the MCABB that the basis for his remonstrance was actually an issue with the procedures followed by the Metropolitan Development Commission. The MCABB politely informed Mr. Cortellini that it had no authority to reform MDC procedures, and summarily granted the "Ship"s renewal.

  3. Thanks for the post, Anon. I read in the Star only "one" person showed up to remonstrate, whereas in the initial hearing it was two.

    I guess Paula Light got scared.


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