Monday, August 29, 2011

Jennifer Pearsey joins Wallace for Governor Team

A reliable source has told me that Jim Wallace, campaigning for the GOP nomination for Governor of Indiana, is adding a new person to his team. Jennifer Pearsey will join Wallace's team as director of fundraising. Pearsey previously worked on Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's (R) campaign committee as a political director, and worked on the 25th floor as an executive assistant. She joins Jeff Howe, who is acting as Wallace's campaign manager.

As fellow blogger Paul Ogden warned recently, Jim Wallace should be treated as a serious candidate. There's no shortage of people, both in Indiana and nationally, who thought they had a nomination sealed and ended up losing.

UPDATE: I've uploaded the press release to my Google Docs account.


  1. Ummm, How did he pull this off? I always thought that she was part of the Republican establishment and a total Pence person

  2. I can't speak for Ms. Pearsey's motivations. But working within politics, and making money at it, is very, very competitive and people can't be too picky with what candidates or offices they work for. Especially in what is mostly an "off year" election with only municipal races on the ballot. Consulting groups and law firms and so on have the luxury of working for all sides, but individuals on campaigns generally keep party loyalty, but really can't afford to only be loyal to specific candidates.

  3. Not to speak for Jenn - but this boils down to a few simple facts: 1. Not all establishment R's loathe mike pence, but a LOT of us do 2. We also think that if Gregg had his way, he would rather run against Pence than Wallace.

  4. Anon, Pence is very predictable in everything he does. Wallace is an unknown. From what I was able to pick up on Pearcey, she can raise some serious cash


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