Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Amos Brown: Where Is The Independent Polling for Mayoral Race?

In his column this week in The Indianapolis Recorder, Amos Brown briefly touches on the state of polling in the Indianapolis 2011 mayoral race. Or rather, the lack thereof:

Finally, if Channel 13 wanted to do a great public service, they could take some of those millions they used to spend airing Oprah and use it to conduct a serious, extensive poll on the mayor's race. How can you be Indy's News Leader when you can't even conduct a poll in the most important mayor's race in years?

Brown makes a great point. The election for the next mayor of Indianapolis, as well as the City-County Council, is less than 30 days away and there has been absolutely no polling done by any independent agency.

Channel 13 isn't the only one not doing any polling. The Indianapolis Star hasn't released any polling either, though Star journalist Jon Murray has commented on his Twitter account that he believes they will do it at some point.

Has this ever happened before? 30 days before an election and no scientific, non-partisan polling is released?


  1. Yes. I think it happened last time around. It was shortly before the election that it was revealed that Ballard was tied or up in most polls.

  2. The real poll on the condition of Indianapolis is the steady and continued growth of suburbia. This has ceased to be a good place to live and no single politician can do anything about it.


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