Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Hope Broad Ripple Likes Having Another Bank!

It looks like the proposed parking garage in Broad Ripple is undergoing some changes. According to the Urban Indy blog (and some of their readers' comments), a drive-through is going to be put in. A second entry (but not exit) is looking to be coming from the Westfield part of the property.

Some readers seem to be saying that the parking for bikes within the structure, as well as an electric/hybrid car charging station, seems to be missing compared to the original plan.

Chris Corr claims that the zoning variance being sought is specifically for a bank.

I think Joe's comment sums things up nicely:

I am not so sure I see the electric care station or interior bike parking anymore……”tenant space 3″ is significantly smaller due to the crappy drive thru and it’s business as usual in the Indianapolis development world. I guess we shouldn’t gripe too much, for the simple cost of millions of tax payer dollars and a prime commercial spot in one of our most popular districts we are getting better bike parking……or not. We are getting better pedestrian connectivity……..or not. We are getting alternative fuel vehicle progression….or not. We are getting place based design and an active street level retail……..not so much. Wait! What are we getting? Can we put millions into a streetcar line instead?

Full disclosure: I am not an urban planner and can barely read a map, so I'm taking my friends at Urban Indy at their word. Feel free to correct me if I've misstated anything.

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  1. Thanks for the link as always. For future reference, I founded Urban Indy.


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