Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Matt Tully Wants Straub to Continue as Public Safety Director

The Indianapolis Star's political columnist Matthew Tully put out an interesting tweet today. He's lamenting the fact that he wishes the Mayor's office could be "bipartisan." He wishes that, if Democrat Melina Kennedy beats Republican Mayor Greg Ballard in November, she'd keep a few key figures in place that he likes. Specifically, he points to deputy mayor Michael Huber and director of the Department of Public Safety Frank Straub.

Huber, who I've talked with several times, is a good public servant. I won't doubt that (though I will vigorously disagree with several of the projects he was charged with carrying out). But what does Tully love about Straub? What does Straub specifically bring to the table that, without him, wouldn't occur?

Was it the political move to promise a shake up of command staff after November's election (even though Straub has no actual power to hire or fire anyone within IMPD)? Is that what Tully loves so much, the politicizing of the inner operations of our police department?

Maybe Tully loves how Straub hires his buddies for cushy jobs while IMPD district offices have, at times, not been able to stock supplies such as toilet paper and pens?

Or how bout a guy who blabs about ongoing investigations, sometimes on the radio, that could compromise the integrity of criminal investigations?

I could go on. I mean, there's a lot more. A whole lot more.


  1. I completely disagree about Huber. He lied to the public about the parking meter deal and mislead the public on the North of South deal. I guess you could say he's good at his job...but you could say the same thing about Al Capone. Huber's job is apparently to convince power brokers to sign off on corporate welfare schemes that make political insiders wealthy at the expense of the taxpayers.

    As far as Straub goes, does Tully not know Straub is a Democrat? Kennedy is not going to replace Straub...she's going to eliminate the office. And rightfully so.

  2. Matthew: Thank you for staying on top of this issue. Other than Russ McQuade the media seems to be in brain lock on the issue of Dr. Straub.

  3. Great blog about Matt "Drink the Kool Aid" Tully...Straub has GOT to go; morale for IMPD is trashed. Why do you think White Plains dumped him?!?!?!?

  4. The excuse used to keep Straub around is that police officers and whoever is in charge of them always end up hating one another. We're told that's what to expect. IMPD resists change, there's cronyism, ya-da ya-da.
    The fact is, Straub and his imported minions have absolutely poisoned every working relationship with every official working within the confines of the City-County Building. Straub's folks don't answer phone calls or emails, or respond appropriately to any kind of requests made to them. Long time employees with valuable Public Safety experience and history have been terminated or their lives made so miserable they left on their own. Straub has ruined the reputation and career of fine individuals like IMPD"s John Conley- a man beloved by his fellow officers and the communities he served. Years of outstanding service by Conley wiped out in one minute by Straub's rash, self justifying statements in the Bisard case. That kind of behavior and action is criminal. The response to speculation whether Straub will leave after the election from one downtown bureacrat having to deal with Straub? "The angels will sing."

  5. Frank Straub, who the Star would have you believe is sensitive (yeah, those Hoosiers have a reputation for rudeness, unlike NY) should have been shitcanned by Greg Ballard immediately after the release of a tape where he was screaming lies to the cops regarding his participation in 9/11. Wrapping himself in the bloody shirt of heroes in some psychotic attempt to ingratiate himself with those who DO go in harms way. One would think that Ballard, a former Marine who uses integrity as a mantra, and who was in the Corps when 241 fellow Marines were pulled out of rubble in Lebanon, would have sent him packing then. OR, as soon as Steve Goldsmith disgraced himself in New York. That would have been a perfect time to tell Straub goodbye, in that Ballard wouldnt have owed Goldsmith a damned thing at that point.

    But Ballard will stand behind his man Straub..which shows me that he can never ever use the Marine card ever again with any credibility. He is a coward and lacks the intellect and integrity to remain in office, if indeed he ever possessed those qualities.


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