Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shady Behavior from Broad Ripple Village Taxi

I was walking towards Broad Ripple Village last night and I was about to cross a small street when I hear this creaking and squeaking sound. Usually it means it's some crappy car that a 20-something year old owns. But to my surprise, it was a taxi cab from Broad Ripple Village Taxi. As it passed me by, I noticed several dents in the vehicle as well on the driver's side.

Interesting note: Broad Ripple Village Taxi was one of several cab companies that failed to have their license renewed back in August, 2010. I guess they've worked out those issues since then.


  1. One can't answer that question easily, because the city's list of 'current' licensees hasn't been updated since 4/7/2011!

    Currently Licensed Taxi Companies

  2. Do not use their services. Their drivers are rude, abuse passengers. They do not turn on the taxi meter unless you ask them to. They abuse you when you pay by credit card. Trust me, you will thank me later!

    1. Bullship Nick, i happen to take Broad ripple cabs all the time and i've only had good things to report about them.


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