Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is Mike Pence's View on Illegal Immigration?

Doug Masson mentioned that Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) has had none of his sponsored bills passed into law, and only a handful have gotten out of committee. I don't really agree with the point he's making, but it led to an interesting discussion on what Pence (who is also running for Governor) had sponsored and proposed.

Masson dug up a newspaper scan that showed one of the bills was to grant amnesty to an illegal immigrant that had resided in his Congressional district.

I suspect that if I was a Republican, my view on immigration and how it needs to be fixed would be in the minority. But I think Hoosier Republicans, who passed an immigration enforcement law in the 2010 legislative session, deserve answers from Pence.

Is Pence still not going to talk policy until after the primary?


  1. I believe Pence actually supported Bush's immigration reform bill, which in my mind is a good thing.

  2. If your not lilly white in his eyes you are nothing.Take a look at his site. There are no persons of color anywhere. His campaign staff is like Ballards, lilly white.

  3. Ask Mike Pence, who was raised in a devout Catholic family, whether he agrees with the US Conference of Catholic Bishop's position on illegal immigration.

  4. I have asked Pence many times his stance on different issues. If I get ANY ANSWER AT ALL, it is "Check the Pence website." Of course, most of the issues I want him to take a stance on are not discussed on his site. You may not agree with everything Jim Wallace believes, but at least he will answer your questions. Pence wants to wait until after the primary to let people know what he thinks. That might be too late and force me to vote for whoever he is running against. Wait, did I actually say that I might have to vote for the other party?


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