Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gubernatorial Candidate Rupert Boneham: For Marriage Equality

Rupert Boneham, who is seeking the Libertarian nomination to run for Governor of Indiana, has come out in favor of marriage equality for the LGBT community. Boneham also specifically says he will fight against the marriage discrimination amendment and advocate for a repeal of Indiana's Defense of Marriage Act.

Boneham, a fan-favorite and winner of the reality television show Survivor, is the first gubernatorial candidate in Indiana history to come out for marriage equality. He's also the only candidate in recent memory to even talk about Indiana's DOMA, which seems to be universally ignored when the marriage amendment gets discussed.

This is a welcome departure from the typical "government shouldn't be involved in marriage" line of thinking that my libertarian friends all too often engage in. Politics is the art of the possible, and the expansion of marriage to the LGBT community is much more possible than completely dismantling civil marriage as a feature of government.

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