Friday, February 24, 2012

Paul-Romney Alliance: You Guys Thought I Was Crazy

Back in January, I speculated that Congressman Ron Paul and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had some sort of deal cut. An unspoken one, of course, but one nonetheless. Both have been exceedingly kind to each other in the debates, with Romney deferring questions to Paul and Paul rarely directly attacking Romney. And when he does, it isn't in the same way he's taken on former Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Senator Rick Santorum, or Texas Governor Rick Perry. And Paul's attack ads are typically focused on the Not-Romney candidates and usually only mention Romney in passing. The Washington Post also has sources speculating what the Romney camp could offer Paul and his supporters in terms of the Republican Party platform, such as an audit of the Federal Reserve.

And you all thought I was crazy.

Since then, the New York Times has documented the personal bromance between the two candidates. And the morning after CNN's latest Presidential debate, what was on everyone's tongue was the unspoken Paul-Romney alliance. Santorum and his chief strategist both commented on it, with the strategist wandering out loud if Romney offered Paul a Vice Presidential nomination. Governor Perry commented that the alliance between Paul and Romney is "interesting". Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh have also recently noted how friendly the two candidates are to eachother. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough even called the deal "bizarre". Scarborough goes on to note that if the deal is real, it isn't likely to sit well with many Paul supporters.

And just think of the first two contests, and how much differently they would've played out if Ron Paul wasn't there.

Paul essentially acted as a firewall in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Finishing below Ron Paul was the kiss-of-death for Perry, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Even if their vote totals didn't increase, their placing would've, and that could've changed the dynamics in South Carolina, Florida, and so on.

I won't claim to understand why this alliance was formed, or how Paul will benefit from it.

But it sure is interesting to watch.

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  1. Just because you were right about this doesn't mean you're not crazy.


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