Monday, May 5, 2014

Bayh's Lips Say No, His FEC Disclosures Say "Yes"

Last month, WTHR "broke" the news that Not-A-Lobbyist lobbyist Evan Bayh is not planning on running for President. And while they didn't ask, he gave no indication on thinking of running for Senate or Governor in the state of New York Virginia Indiana.

But his financial reports, from the Federal Election Commission, tell a different story. They don't indicate he's running, of course. But he sure is using the millions and millions of dollars he has stashed away in there.

Since the beginning of this year, he has paid $6,000 for political consulting to 1816 Consulting Group. He has paid $2,000 every month, usually near the beginning of each month, since at least July of 2013, to 1816 Consulting.

1816 Consulting does not have a web site set up yet. But social media site Linked In links it to Dan Parker. Parker, a former Indiana Democratic Party chairman who is contemplating a run for Mayor of Indianapolis, has close ties to Evan Bayh.

In most of the reports I viewed, it seems like the campaign committee spends far more on political consulting and simply managing the committee's account (IE expenses for "campaign software") than actually giving funds to legitimate campaigns who are running for an actual elected office. In other reports there are also disbursements for photographers and a Christmas Card mailing list...even though Bayh isn't running for any office.

Maybe that Public Integrity work group that was called together by the US Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana will look into this? 

Yeah, right, what am I thinking.

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