Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I'll Be Watching: Election Day Edition

It is kind of an extra dull primary day today in Indiana. There are no state-wide offices on the primary ballot. This year, all of those offices will be decided in conventions of the respective parties. But there are county wide elections being held, a handful of referendums, and the town of Fishers, now being a city, will be holding its first municipal primary today for their city government.

Within Marion County county wide offices and the 7th Congressional District, I'm not expecting anything too out of the ordinary. I've spotted some t-shirts, yard signs, and even one of those billboards-on-a-truck for Mark Brown, the IMPD officer challenging Sheriff John Layton in the Democratic primary. But I've also seen Layton roll out his A-game as well. It isn't so much that I think Brown will win, but it could be interesting to see if Brown breaks, say, 40%. He's not running a paper candidacy and obviously has some money to spend. But listening to him on Amos Brown's program, I felt that he just wasn't ready for prime time.

While some may be hopeful that one of the three unslated judicial candidates in the Democratic primary may make it through, the slate has performed strongly in the past. I'll just leave it at that.

The Republicans have a five way race going on in the 7th Congressional District primary. Cat Ping came within a few points of beating Carlos May last time around, so I expect the same may occur again.

Social media reports are saying the race between Bob Behning and Michael Scott in the District 91 Republican primary has gotten heated. I don't live in that part of the county, so maybe I'm not hearing the ads myself. It could be the closest race this neck of the woods will get. Scott previously ran in 2012 as a Lunchpail Republican and lost. The Democrat in District 91, Patrick Lockheart, is uncontested in the primary.

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