Friday, May 2, 2014

Mini Marathon Edition of Civil Discourse Now

Civil Discourse Now will be broadcasting live from 11am-1pm Saturday, May 3, at the Antelope Club. The club is in downtown Indianapolis on Delaware Street at 615 North Delaware Street. Theoretically, it is a Mini Marathon edition of the show.

The regular host of the show, Mark Small, will be "doing" the Mini during the show. We are uncertain on when, or even if, he'll arrive. So I'll be at the helm hosting the show.

The Mini is put on by the 500 Festival and is one of several events organized by the group. You can read a history of each of the official races at their website.

In addition to our pre-taped segments on fashion, sports, and Tale Of A City, I'll be airing two interviews that I recorded as well. One is with Rick Snyder, the first Vice President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 86. The FOP lodge is the fraternal and labor organization of choice for much of law enforcement within Marion County.

I initially talked to Rick because we were planning on doing a crime and public safety show. He committed to a pre-taped interview because he couldn't make it to the show. Unfortunately, the plans fell through for the rest of the show but I think the FOP's side should be heard.

I also talked to Marion Superior Court judicial candidate Greg Bowes. Greg is one of three unslated judicial candidates running in the Democratic primary. During the interview, we talk about Greg's background as a public servant and a lawyer, his thoughts on slating, and what he brings to the table should he be elected as a judge. The eight Democratic candidates who come out of the primary will go on with eight Republican candidates for 16 slots in the November election.

Mark will also be Skyping in during the Mini, or so he says.

Feel free to join us. The Club is open to guests but a Member In Good Standing must pay for any food or beverages ordered. That may be a challenge, but it is one I am up for.

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