Friday, June 4, 2010

A Blog Y'All Should Be Reading

I don't often write about reading recommendations as far as blogs go. Most of them are linked to on the right side of this blog. But something that hasn't been added at yet is Indy's Political Stock Exchange.

According to their Blogger profile, they are stock traders who have decided to see if the politics and pundit industry of Indianapolis can be measured similar to stocks. They assign groups and people a four letter ticker symbol. Thomas John, Chairman of the Marion County Republican Party, is now TOJO. Mayor Greg Ballard is GBAL, and so on. Each time they write a blog entry, they'll end it with an UP or DOWN indicating how the stock did on that story. And for those who want to keep track, they've been very good at using Labels for their post. That means you can easily pull up all the entries on one of the stocks and figure out the price.

While the trading aspect of the site never seemed to take off (I was the only participant), it is a very entertaining blog with an alive comments section. I've noticed that comments, especially from anonymous users, are down in most of the blogs I read compared to what they were in 2007 and 2008. Indy's Political Stock Exchange, however, has avoided that, and seems to be very popular.

I highly recommend reading this blog, especially if you are new to the blogosphere of Indianapolis. It serves as a great introduction.

EDIT: Maybe my readers can start a campaign to get IndyStudent on the ticker? I'd prefer ISAT. Or if IPSE just wants to use my real name, Matthew Stone can be cut down to MSTO.

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