Friday, June 25, 2010

Police Officer Jim Daves is a Pansy

Jonathan Turley runs an excellent legal blog where he extensively documents a variety of police abuse. He has often written about cops pressing ridiculous, often vague charges. Recently, he documented an officer who is pressing a felony charge of assaulting an officer, among other charges (emphasis added):

Daves charged the husband with traffic violations, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, evading arrest and assault on an officer. The assault charge was based on the fact that Daves said Wright scraped his arm with a fingernail. We have previously seen assault charges brought against citizens in abusive arrest cases, including for flatulence. We have also seen cases where distraught family members are charged for trying to help their loved one.
Believe it or not, touching a police officer does not constitute an assault. While these charges might eventually be dropped or dealt with otherwise, the gentleman in the story who is charged with these alleged crimes has already been fired from his job due to the charges.

But regardless of what happens in this case, there is one conclusion that is clear: Officer Jim Daves is a pansy.

The full story can be read here.


  1. From Webster's Dictionary:

    1 : a garden plant (Viola wittrockiana) derived chiefly from the hybridization of the European Johnny-jump-up (Viola tricolor) with other wild violets; also : its flower
    2 a usually disparaging : a weak or effeminate man or boy b usually disparaging : a male homosexual

    Do you want to change your post to not include the disparaging term towards the LGBT community?

    You have made your point. Did you need to use that term? Urban Dictionary is more to the point as to what this term means.

  2. Jon, I actually did look up the word before I made this post. Wikitionary lists the term to, in relation to gay males, as "dated." and which lists pansy as a synonym.

    Maybe there's an age gap here, but I've never heard the term used as other than a wuss. And it's clear what I meant within the context of this post. I don't think I'll be written up on Bilerico Project's Indiana page anytime soon for this entry.


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