Monday, June 14, 2010

What's going on with the Libertian Part of Indiana and Indiana's 7th District?

As I noted earlier, the Libertarian Party of Indiana's web site lists their candidate's spot as "vacant" for Indiana's 7th Congressional District. I had clear memories of reading a Facebook post by Christopher Spangle, Executive Director of the LPIN, listing all of the US Congressional candidates that were nominated at their convention a number of months ago. I shot off an e-mail to him noting what I saw on the website. He quickly responded, saying that their candidate, David Ezell, withdrew his name after receiving the nomination. He said the LPIN have until June 30th to fill the vacancy by appointment, and intend on doing so.

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  1. Thanks for this surprising info, IS. I had been meaning to get to know David Ezell, as the announced Libertarian candidate for my district. All you Constitutionalists are so greatly appreciated.


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