Saturday, June 12, 2010

Has Marvin Scott Already Conceded the Race Against Andre Carson?

I was very disappointed when slated GOP 7th Congressional candidate Carlos May lost to four-time loser Marvin Scott. However, since I don't know much about the man, I've been trying to get to an event of his. Well, Marvin Scott must have better things to do, because he sure isn't on the campaign trail.

According to his website, events are "Coming Soon!". His website mentions he is also on Flickr and Youtube, but it just links back to The section he has on the issues is surprisingly thin for someone who has run multiple campaigns for the same seat, and gives no clear solution on what Scott supports, but rather, what he's against.

His Twitter page hasn't been updated since late March and has a pathetic fourteen followers. Included in the followers are Executive Director of the Marion County Democratic Party Adam Kirsch, a Carlos May supporter, and yours truly. Missing from the followers list is a single member of the mainstream media, as well as Chairman of the Marion County Republican Party Tom John.

The person who maintains his Facebook campaign page seems to be the most frequent commenter as well as contributor, and a good chunk of the Wall posts seem to be duplicates.

Some might say I'm being harsh on Scott's campaign, that it hasn't really even begun yet. And Carson's own page doesn't have any events listed either. But Carson is the incumbent in a majority-Democrat county. Marvin Scott has run and lost this race before. He needs to hit the ground running, and he needed to do that a month or two ago.

UPDATE: I sent an e-mail to the Marvin Scott campaign inquiring about future events. I'll report back their response if I receive one.

UPDATE II: Wilson Allen found this Craigslist post asking for volunteers for the Scott campaign.


  1. There were about 40,000 people who attended yesterday's gay pride parade and festival in downtown yesterday. Andre Carson was in the parade with a bunch of supporters marching with him, as well as most of the Democratic candidates for local office. Not a single Republican candidate for office, including Marvin Scott, made it to the event. Mayor Greg Ballard was out of town as usual.

  2. I stongly support Andre but agree that his Facebook is pretty weak...he has a young staff and I don't understand that.


  4. Gary, I saw the gay pride event actually on Carson's Facebook page as an event. It's interesting to hear that many other Dems showed up. I guess the GOP has conceded their votes to the Democrats.

    Anon 1:41, I was talking about Scott's Facebook page. Andre Carson's campaign Facebook page is regularly updated and has a number of posters on it. Carson's campaign website is also much more polished and easily accessible. Marvin's is not. It's true that websites cost money, but not a whole lot.

    Wilson, good find. So I guess the top recruiter for Scott is a talk radio host I've never heard of.

  5. I'm voting for the Libertarian.

  6. Melyssa,

    Looking over LPIN (, it says it's "vacant." I'm not sure what a minor party can do to replace a seat. As I recall, Chris Spangle posted a candidate for the 7th district when they had their convention, and told me on Facebook that a website for the candidate was "in development." That was well over a month ago, so it looks like something happened.

  7. Marvin Scott's campaign "group" is Bob Croddy. He's all over Facebook posting on other people's walls trying to get support for Marvin.
    He will be a five time loser come November. I think a couple more and he'll exceed Mark Leyva.


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