Sunday, January 23, 2011

County GOP's At-Large Candidates (finally) Revealed

A very reliable source told me who the Marion County GOP will be nominating for their At-Large candidates. Barbara Malone will be running for re-election. She's the only one that was elected in 2007 that is still sitting on the council. Angel Rivera was elected by caucus to replace Kent Smith, who resigned due to his duties in the National Guard. Jackie Cissell and Michael Kalsheur round out the At-Large slots.

The source also tells me there are two candidates who have filed to replace Robert Cockrum, who was first elected in the late 1990s. Those two candidates are Rom Byrum and Jason Holliday.

The county GOP will be holding their slating convention February 12, 2011 at Brebeuf Jesuit High School.


  1. I thought our endorsed candidates were selected at a slating where everyone who wanted to run had a fair chance to win. You mean to tell me the candidates are picked in advance by leadership and then the rank and file are told to support them? Surely you jest!

  2. According to my source, Paul, there simply is no one else who filed to run along the At-Large candidates. In the e-mail I received, it seemed to imply that only Cockrum's district is the only one that'll be contested at slating.

    You have to question the wisdom of some people who do file to run for these things. You can tell the list of At-List Ds have at least 2 people who don't have a chance in hell. It looks like they were just bored and decided to run for something.

  3. The deadline for filing for slating is still aways off isn't it?

  4. Nope. Filing for slating ended, I believe, last Friday.

  5. You're kidding...if that's true, they're really moved that date up...probably to cut off competition with the hand-picked candidates. You used to be able to file for slating until about a week before the convention.

  6. I believe filing for Democratic slating ends Feb. 3rd.

  7. Paul, do you really think that they would stoop so low as to change dates? Do you really think that Brooks would stoop so low as to have candidates already in the can prior to the slating? Surely you jest. The MCRCC is always above board and honest in everything that they do.

    BTW, Jacki was their third choice and they had to beg her. They are trying to back track on not including a single black person on the Township Chair set up.Brooks running Center? Ed must be laughing his butt off.

    The sad thing is that even the "safe" republican members on the CCC...are not safe

  8. "The sad thing is that even the "safe" republican members on the CCC...are not safe"

    The attention is certainly going to the At-Large Seats. I'd like to know what the politicos see as the districts that are toss-ups. I know District 4, currently represented by Christine Scales, is going to be a close one.

  9. In 2007, 4 people stepped up to run as At-Large candidates, there was no recruiting per se by the County Chairman, Mike Murphy. At slating, all 4 were acclaimed as the representatives for the primary, and Tom John succeeded Murphy as County Chair.

    4 years later, it appears that the county party sat on its ass and could not or would not recruit candidates again, this after having won the Mayoral and majority of the Council seats.

    Another indictment against Tom John..I'll give Walker a partial pass on this as he is new to the chair position, although as a John acolyte, he should have remembered the need to search for talent in the community to represent the Party.


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