Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Political Grab Bag

I have several stories that are developing and researching. Among them:

I'm hearing some rumblings that a major supporter of Mayor Greg Ballard's 2007 campaign (and a very public critic of former Mayor Bart Peterson) is switching teams and will be supporting Melina Kennedy's campaign for mayor of Indianapolis. I'd like to have some more substance as to why this individual is "switching teams", so to speak, before publishing anything else.

The so-called North of South Deal, which would issue $98 million in city-backed bonds so Lilly could build a new campus area in town, is going to be put before the City-County Council in the near future. Hopefully our council, especially the Republicans, will remember that the free market has spoken and no private lender would back this deal. I'm sure Pat Andrews will be covering this extensively over at Had Enough Indy?

Speaking of Pat, she is hosting a fund raiser this Thursday at 4pm. Details can be found here. Andrews is campaigning to become one of the four slated Democrat candidates for the City-County Council At-Large nominations. Zach Adamson, who is currently uncontested in his bid for slating, is also hosting a fund raiser as well. Details can be found here.

I've been hearing some complaints about difficulty in finding out who is your precinct committeeman in the county parties. I'm going to find out for myself, and hope for the best.

Finally, the heirstraub user has posted a new video. This one names a few names. And I've got to say, this isn't the first time I've heard about these types of antics.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, I am 100% of the identity of the individual I refer to in the first part of this blog post. However, I want to know why he/she is switching sides before I publish anything else.


  1. Matt, if the person switches sides in mayoral support, what difference does it make? Is Kennedy going to be any different than Ballard?

  2. Regardless of the candidate in question, I find the inner workings of political parties quite interesting. It may not interest all my readers, or even a majority of them, but it does interest me.

    And at least judging by the comments this person has made, he/she certainly thinks Kennedy would be better.

  3. It's not Robert Turner, is it?


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