Thursday, January 6, 2011

Doctor Director Straub vs IMPD Continues...on the INTERNET!

There is a new video from the heirstraub YouTube account that contains several stunning accusations in regards to the Good Doctor Frank Straub. Among them was that one of his sons came to visit, but he wasn't available so he had one of his security detail officers take him out on the city's dime.

It seems like whoever is behind the heirstraub account is also disappointed in recent actions by the president of the Fraternal Order of Police, William Owensby. Owensby recently sat down with Straub and other officials from the Department of Public Safety and reportedly had a good conversation. The heirstraub user is taking that as if Owensby and the FOP are now going to roll over.

I don't buy that. I spoke to Owensby when the City-County Council committee was hearing public comment on Straub's re-confirmation. Owensby spoke passionately on his position that Straub is not the right man to lead the charge on any type of reform within the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Just because the very public war of words is over doesn't mean Owensby and the FOP have compromised their position.

On another note, I've noticed the heirstraub video uploads refer to Greg Ballard as Mayor Marine. It seems to be a common nickname for those who have been let down by the Ballard administration.


  1. Thank you for running this blog. I listened to Straub on Amos yesterday and I think I understand much of the frustration a lot better now.

  2. I don't normally listen to Amos unless the guest is good. Anyone care to fill me in?

    Keep in mind, Brown sits on a Public Safety advisory board and was appointed to it by Straub.

  3. Matt, keep it up, your blog is one of the few that is objective at all


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