Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ballard Claims Credit for Mayoral Charter Schools, State Ed Reform

The Indianapolis Star's political columnist Matthew Tully pens a column that goes over the thoughts mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy (D) has on education and what needs to be done. Tully's thoughts basically boil down to that Kennedy is taking a flimsy position at best, but at least it's better than Mayor Greg Ballard's position on education in Marion County, which appears to be non-existent.

Tully talks about an e-mail he received from the campaign arm of Ballard that spins education reforms passed at the state level (championed by Governor Mitch Daniels) and the mayoral charter school's office started by Mayor Bart Peterson, Ballard's predecessor, as accomplishments of Ballard. This false belief is reflected on Megan Roberton's Twitter account. Robertson is Ballard's campaign manager.

Now, maybe Tully is completely wrong. Maybe Ballard was lobbying the General Assembly for education reform. But I don't remember that being reported by any media accounts, and I can't find any records that indicate Ballard sent lobbyists to support these efforts.

So Ballard supporters, let's see these records. What exact actions did Mayor Ballard take in lobbying the General Assembly for any of the educational reforms that were considered in the 2011 session?

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  1. I know several of the people who were working on the state charter school legislation. I never once heard the Mayor's office as being involved at all.


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