Monday, May 2, 2011

Go Vote??? Meh.

Tomorrow, the municipal primaries for the county Dems and county GOP will be held. Normally, on election day, I encourage people to go vote. But this isn't quite an election. It's party business.

On top of it being party business, a good chunk of the nominees are pretty much already determined. Most of the City-County Council districts won't face a primary challenger, and a handful might not even face a challenger in the general election outside of a third party or write-in candidate.

So what will you see tomorrow, if you go to the polls? You can take a sneak peak at a ballot by going to Indiana Voters and type in some information to locate your ballot.

A couple of townships are also having referendums as well. Those are printed on a separate ballot, so if you live in a section of town that is having a referendum, you'll need to ask specifically for that ballot, regardless of if you do or don't partake in a partisan primary election.

Best of luck to all the candidates tomorrow. Then the real fun begins.

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