Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some Site Statistics

Welcome, new readers.

While digging through my SiteMeter statistics, I found some interesting results.

A lot of my hits throughout the weekend and up until today came from a handful of Google search terms concerning the Indiana Supreme Court.

My previous blog entry, Indiana Supreme Court: 4th Amendment Doesn't Apply, is the third search result for the search "indiana supreme court 4th amendment" and #4 if you change "4th" to "fourth". One of the search results above it is the Northwest Indiana Times article that was linked to on Matt Drudge's Drudge Report site, along with a couple of other frequently linked blog posts on the subject.

It seems that, since the Supreme Court decision started being noticed over the weekend and many of the pundits who'd normally talk up a storm were off radio and/or television, people turned to the blogs and other alternate media for information on this court decision.

The hits weren't limited to geographic regions either. In the past handful of days, I've had IPs from Maine to California and several places in between, and even a handful of European IP addresses popping up.

Those in the traditional media will eventually learn they can't let their best and brightest, reporter, pundit, or other, off for the weekend. If they do, it'll only further seal their fate as a dying form.

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  1. My most popular post of all time...Osama bin Laden is Dead. Posted on a Sunday night. You can see how it was a normal pedestrian Sunday until the 10:00 p.m. hour. My hits returned to normal about midway through Monday.

    I totally agree.


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