Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mike Delph Endorses Wayne Seybold for Congress

State Senator Mike Delph, along with fellow Senators Luke Kenley and Jim Buck, have endorsed Wayne Seybold in the contested GOP primary to replace Congressman Dan Burton in Indiana's 5th Congressional district. Several other GOP state senators and representatives signed onto the endorsement but did not attend personally attend the event.

Seybold, the sitting mayor of Marion, Indiana, filed to run for the 5th district after Burton announced his retirement.

This is good news for Seybold because it proves he can get the support of power players in central Indiana GOP politics.

Seybold also recently released his first commercial in this primary season. It is a bit corny, but it is different than the standard "sit in a room and talk about yourself/have others talk about you" commercial that is typical of primary campaigns.

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